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Chapin Wand Adapter

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Ever wonder why you can't use any of your standard TeeJet style tips or ConeJet Ceramic tips on your Industrial Chapin Concrete Sprayers? WELL... WE DID!!

The Chapin 1949 Concrete Sprayer and 19049 Xtreme Sprayer are industry standard when it comes to quality and dependability. Chapin's 18", 24" and 36" brass wands are also as good as you can get. They are some of the lightest and most durable wands on the market, but unfortunately we've always been limited to the same handful of basic fan tips designed to fit these wands. These brass female fan tips are great, but unfortunately they don't fit every application.

Our exclusive Chapin Tip Adapter simply screws onto your standard Chapin brass wand and allows you to now use any TeeJet style tip! We really thought this through and put together a full choice of options to give you as much spraying versatility as possible. Here are the options you have to customize your adapter to your specific sprayer or spraying needs:


Cap and Body - Nylon or Brass... Nylon is our favorite for most applications. Nylon holds up great against most chemicals including acetone and xylene and is much lighter than brass. Of course, if you want the ultimate durability then brass is for you.

O-Ring Seals - Viton or Extreme Viton... This will just depend on the types of chemicals you plan to spray. If you'll be using any of Chapin's Standard Industrial Concrete Sprayers, then the standard Viton seals will be all you need. If you own one of the Chapin Xtreme Concrete sprayers, then go with the Extreme o-rings to match your sprayer's ability to also spray acetone and naphtha.

Strainer/Check Valve - Poly or Brass Strainer - With or Without Check Valve... Strainers are easy insurance against clogged tips. Both our poly and brass strainers have a stainless 50mesh screen and are compatible with most chemicals and solvents. We also offer you the option of adding a check valve if needed. The check valve instantly shuts off the flow at the tip as soon as the trigger is released. When applying any type of acetone dye or polishing dye, we always recommend the use of a Strainer+Check Valve to keep your pressure more consistent and to reduce drips. Strainers and/or check valves are typically only used for spraying ultra thin viscosity liquids.


TeeJet adapter for Chapin wands


- Choose the Poly Strainer without check valve or spraying all types of thin stains/dyes/sealers.

- Choose the Poly Strainer + 5psi Check Valve for thin water-based stains/dyes/sealers.

- Choose the Brass Strainer + 10psi Check Valve for thin acetone or solvent based stains/dyes/sealers.

- You also have the option of no strainer or check valve at all if you don't need one.



  • For Chapin Brass Wands
  • Uses any TeeJet style Tip
  • Accepts Strainers and Check Valves
  • Nylon or Brass Body
  • Viton or Extreme O-Rings


CA WarningWARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.


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