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ConeJet Ceramic Spray Tips

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These tips are a must have for applying acetone stains and dyes! The special hollow cone pattern allows for uniform application with much less risk of puddling or over-application. The hard and durable ceramic cores keep the spray pattern true and make these tips almost impossible to wear out. ConeJet tips are also great for applying many other types of stains, dyes and low viscosity sealers.

These tips will fit any sprayer that accepts standard TeeJet style sprayer tips. This is the standard tip style included with many popular professional acetone sprayers such as Swissmex, Patriot, Hudson and Sp Systems. When applying any type of acetone dye or polishing dye, we always recommend the use of a to keep your pressure more consistent and to reduce drips.

We stock all 7 popular sizes to give you the ability to dial in exactly the flow and volume you need. Most contractors consider the #8 Gray tip to be their standard go-to for acetone dyes, but for applying accent colors or for more detailed work they often drop down to the #6, #4 or even the #3 for the ultimate in precision. Likewise, larger jobs or thicker products may require a larger size tip to achieve to the coverage you need. See the Flow Chart below for GPM flow rates for each tip. (most professional pump-up sprayers typically operate at approximately 40 psi at full pressure)

You can also use this and many other TeeJet style tips on your Chapin Industrial Sprayers by simply installing our exclusive onto your standard Chapin brass wand. Without the adapter you are limited to Chapin's standard female tips, which are excellent tips, but unfortunately just don't fit every situation. Now you can use tips like these to turn your Chapin Xtreme into a precision tool for acetone dyes!


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  • Precision Hollow Cone
  • Durable Ceramic Cores
  • 7 sizes available
  • Perfect for Acetone Dyes


ConeJet Tip Flow Chart

Acetone Tip Sizes


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