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Commercial / Industrial / Warehouse Floors

Concrete commercial, Industrial, warehouse, shop and manufacturing facility floors demand only the most durable and chemical resistant coatings available. We often use the term “epoxy” to describe these tough, chemical resistant coatings used for this type of high-traffic application, but specialty urethanes and polyaspartics also offer equal or in many cases, superior durability. Our line-up of industrial epoxies, polyureas and urethanes combined with proper surface preparation and application will ensure that your high traffic industrial floor not only looks amazing, but will withstand years of wear and abuse.

Below, we will discuss the concrete floor cleaning and preparation process, along with the different types of coatings available for creating durable, chemical resistant and easy to maintain concrete floors. In addition to the resources here in the “help center”, you can also find detailed information and color charts for every product we offer, by visiting that product’s page. We know how confusing all of this can be, but that’s what we’re here for! If you have questions, give us a call or send us an email and we’ll be glad to help you through the process.


Industrial Floor Cleaning and Preparation

Before applying ANY product to ANY steel troweled floor, the surface MUST be opened by chemically etching or by mechanically grinding or shot blasting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you plan to short-cut this step, you had might as well go ahead and dump your money down the toilet. Trowel finishing closes the pores at the surface preventing stains, dyes, sealers or any other coating from being able to penetrate and bond.

We carry a full line of floor grinding tools by Diamabrush. These amazing diamond brushes fit most all standard floor machines readily available at your local rental center. They give both homeowners and contractors the ability to properly prep concrete floors without the huge expense of owning a planetary diamond grinder. Many rental stores, including most Home Depot locations, also rent the Diamabrush tools as well.

Always review and follow the manufacturer’s recommended guidelines for prep and application of any concrete stain, sealer or coating. You can find these recommendations by reviewing that product’s technical data sheet, along with the “Detailed Info” on that product’s page.

High-Build Industrial Epoxy Floors

Our 100% solids industrial epoxy is the “workhorse” for large commercial, industrial and manufacturing floors. This low-odor coating applies easily and the coating fills imperfections in the concrete floor, leaving a beautiful finish. Epoxies provide a heavy-duty, hard, durable and chemical resistant coating. Epoxies require a longer cure time than polyaspartics, but have a stronger bond strength when applied directly to properly prepared concrete.

Our 100% solids epoxy can be applied clear, tinted or combined with metallic pigments to create endless color combinations. For the ultimate chemical and abrasion resistance, epoxies are often given a final top-coat of a Moisture Cure Urethane for outstanding protection against chemicals and abrasion.

High-Solids Polyaspartic Systems

Polyaspartics are one of our most popular types of coating systems. These high-solids, 2-component, solvent-based sealers are easy to apply, very durable and cure much faster than epoxies. After prep, you simply apply the clear or colored coating to the floor in either a one or two coat process depending on the type of system you are using. Polyaspartics produce a slick high-gloss finish, or can be used with various texture additives to improve traction, add texture or reduce gloss. Polyaspartics are also a great final top-coat choice for use over solid color epoxies and metallic epoxies.

Our PolyKoat polyaspartics can be applied clear, tinted or combined with metallic pigments to create endless color combinations. Polyaspartics are also commonly used for installing flake and quartz flooring systems, especially when when a fast return to service is important. Below you will find more specific information on these systems.

Moisture Cured Urethanes

Moisture cured urethanes are some of the hardest and most chemical resistant coatings ever developed. Unlike epoxies and other urethanes, these cutting edge products are a single component that requires no mixing. Typically these sealers are applied in a single coat application. They are so hard that a thin film is all that is needed. Excessive or thick build-up should always be avoided with these coatings. MCU produces a high gloss and like most solvent-based sealers, they will also darken and enhance the color of the concrete. Under the right conditions moisture cure urethanes can be applied directly to properly prepped concrete, but are most commonly used as a final protective top-coat over epoxy or flake floors. This coating is designed for ultimate hardness and protection.

We offer moisture cured urethanes in both 55% and 85% solids formulas, depending on the porosity of your concrete and desired gloss. The 85% solids formula is by far the most popular due to it's much lower odor.

Metallic “Epoxy” Commercial Floors

With endless possible combinations of colors and application techniques, metallic epoxy floors are all unique and one of a kind. These high build systems are typically installed in a two-coat application. After prep, a base coat of a solid color (typically black) is applied. A second coat is then applied using any desired metallic color or combination of metallic colors. This system produces a deep, rich, high-gloss, reflective finish. Metallic floors are typically installed using our Maxx Flow Epoxy.

For the ultimate chemical and abrasion resistance, epoxies are often given a final clear top-coat of a Moisture Cure Urethane for outstanding protection against chemicals and abrasion.

Quartz / Sand Finish Commercial Floors

Quartz floors are installed by broadcasting colored quartz sand directly into the wet coating. Quartz is extremely hard, resistant to wear and has a high compressive strength. In addition to superior durability, this finish offers great non-slip properties. Quartz sands are available in a beautiful variety of color blends to fit any style or decor. This is a great choice of flooring for restrooms, garages, entryways or anywhere a durable slip-resistant coating is needed. Quartz floors can be installed using either our 250 HP Epoxy or PolyKoat GL-90 Polyaspartic.

Permanent Sealers / Hardeners / Densifiers / Moisture Vapor Barriers

Concrete is like a giant sponge full of tiny pores. Densifiers simply work by filling these pores with silica and reducing porosity. This reduction in porosity not only makes the surface harder, it also stops the movement of moisture and moisture vapor from above AND below the slab. They can also help with protection against oil, gas and other stains, while hardening the surface for easier polishing.

Concrete hardeners or densifiers are most often used when polishing bare concrete, but can also be used to harden, strengthen and internally seal all types of porous, un-sealed concrete surfaces.

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