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AcrylPack Solvent-Based Acrylic Color System - (14 Color Options)

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Acrylpack Sealer Pigment


Our AcrylPack Color System allows you to easily add color to almost any clear solvent-based acrylic sealer to create endless combinations of tinted sealer stains. AcrylPack Color is available in 14 great colors to fit any situation. Colors can also be mixed to create endless combinations. Simply add less pigment to achieve a more translucent color or use up to 8oz / gallon for a solid opaque color. Each AcrylPack contains 32oz (1 quart) of color concentrate.

To further allow you to customize the perfect tinted sealer for your specific needs and desires, up to 8oz / gallon of our may also be added to create just the perfect sheen. Typically one Matte-50 kit (16oz) per 5 gallon pail will produce a semi-gloss finish, while adding two Matte-50 kits (32oz) per 5 gallon pail will create a beautiful satin finish.

Although our is by far the most popular choice for use with the AcrylPack Tint System, it is compatible with almost all solvent-based acrylic sealers on the market, regardless of brand.

Each part of the KolourKoat System is sold separately. This gives you the unique ability to create the exact color and sheen you want, while only purchasing the components you need, in the amounts you need. This gives you complete flexibility over your project, unlike other pre-tinted "sealer-stains".


AcrylPack is available in 14 standard colors:

Light GrayMedium Gray
Dark GrayCharcoal
Off WhiteBuff
Sun BuffArabian Sand
TaupeCanyon Clay
Brick RedTile Red


Not sure which color is right for you?
Our AcrylPack sample sizes make it easy to choose! Sample sizes come already mixed with 25% sealer and ready to use!



  • Adds to Solvent-based Sealers
  • 14 Great Colors
  • Each Pack contains 32oz
  • Completely Customizable
  • Coverage - See Below


PDF Color Chart

Tech Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


CA WarningWarning: Pre-mixed samples of this product can expose you to chemicals including Cumene, Naphthalene and Styrene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to


Mixing Instructions

Add desired amount of AcrylPack Color to compatible solvent based acrylic sealer and stir with a drill mixer for approximately 2-3 minutes or until completely mixed, prior to application. Stir lightly periodically during application to ensure an even color distribution. Remix any material left over with a drill mixer before applying. For most solid color applications, the average usage is 6-8 ounces of AcrylPack Color per 1 gallon of sealer. For lighter colors it may take more and darker colors may take less depending on the application. Do not add too much color! Over pigmenting may cause color float or streaking. Especially in the darker colors!

If a lower gloss finish is desired, mix up to 8oz / gallon of additive into tinted sealer. Typically one Matte-50 kit (16oz) per 5 gallon pail will produce a satin finish, while adding two Matte-50 kits (32oz) per 5 gallon pail will create a more matte finish.

Our most popular products to use with the AquaPack System are:

2000 Supreme (for outdoor concrete)
Stamp-Seal (for outdoor concrete)
Aggreseal (for outdoor concrete)

See each product above for recommended starting points and details about adding color to that specific product.

See separate detailed info for complete preparation and application instructions for the specific solvent-based acrylic sealer you are using. Before application, always test product in an inconspicuous area to ensure appearance and compatibility are acceptable.


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