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SurfKoat WB 75 Invisible Penetrating Sealer

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Penetrating Concrete Sealer


WB-75 is our most popular penetrating sealer!

WB-75 is a water-based breathable deep penetrating silane / siloxane water repellent sealant for use on all types concrete, pavers, brick, block, natural stone, manufactured stone, cultured stone, faux stone and veneer. WB-75 penetrates below the surface and chemically bonds deep within the substrate to provide long lasting protection against deterioration or staining due to water and moisture.

WB-75 protects against freeze / thaw damage, erosion, efflorescence, spalling and salt attack. WB-75 is Zero VOC, easy to use and seals without changing the sheen, texture or traction of the surface, leaving a completely natural appearance. WB-75 works 100% below the surface and can never flake, peel or chip like film-forming sealers.


WB-75 seals and protects all types of Concrete, Pavers, Brick, Block, Masonry and Stone!

Sealer for Pavers
Sealer for Brick
Sealer for Stone
Sealer for Concrete


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  • For all types of Concrete, Pavers, Brick, Block and Stone
  • Water Based
  • Can never flake or peel
  • Invisible and fully penetrating
  • Easy Spray or brush Application
  • All existing sealers must be removed before application
  • Coverage - 125-150 sq. ft. / gallon


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Surf-Block WB-75

There's a reason WB-75 is our all-time best-selling penetrating sealer...

Well, actually there are a couple of them..
Super easy application, Excellent performance and Great bang for your buck are three that are always at the top of the list.

WB-75 is so easy to use, we often joke that it's about as "idiot-resistant" as you can get. About the only things you can do wrong are to under-apply or leave un-absorbed puddles on the surface.


Cleaning and Preparation Instructions

1. Completely remove all sealers, oils and contaminates from the surface. Use only cleaning methods suitable for the substrate you are cleaning. Clean oily surfaces with our . Use a bristle brush for heavily oiled spots. Area to be treated must be clean, dry and porous. WB-75 works by penetrating deep below the surface.

2. Use only the amount of cleaners necessary to remove contaminates, oils, fluids and sealers from the substrate. If using acidic cleaners to etch surface or to remove efflorescence, calcium, rust, etc, be sure to neutralize and restore pH with . Rinse thoroughly! Surface and pores must be clean and free of all chemicals before applying WB-75.

WARNING: Surfblock WB-75 is a chemically reactive sealer. ALL CLEANING CHEMICALS MUST BE NEUTRALIZED AND FULLY RINSED from the substrate before application.

Acids, detergents, bleach and/or any other chemical left on the surface can cause an adverse chemical reaction affecting the appearance, life and performance of the sealer.

Surface should be clean, dry, porous and pH neutral before application of Surfblock WB-75.

3. Allow area to dry completely.

DO NOT APPLY IMMEDIATELY AFTER WASHING. Excessive moisture inhibits good penetration, which can affect the appearance and reduce the life and performance of the sealer.


Application Instructions

1. Before applying WB-75, mask off all areas that you do not want product applied to.

2. Blend WB-75 thoroughly with a drill and before using. DO NOT DILUTE.

3. Apply liberally to porous surface at a rate of 125-150 sq. ft. per gallon with a , roller and/or . Saturate all areas thoroughly, but DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO PUDDLE. Broom out puddles until surface is FULLY penetrated. If needed, re-apply a second coat. Less material may be sufficient for a second coat. Once again, broom out any puddles until material has FULLY penetrated. This is a “wet-on-wet” application which means the second coat MUST be applied immediately after the first coat has penetrated the surface. If the first coat is allowed to dry too long, it will repel any successive coats. For vertical applications, apply from the bottom up.

4. Make sure all sprinklers are turned off for a 24-hour period of time. Apply WB-75 only if rain is not expected for at least 24 hours. Do not apply WB-75 if surface temperature is below 40° F., or above 90° F.

5. Allow surface to dry for a minimum of 8 hours before foot traffic and 72 hours before vehicle traffic.

Note: Always test the product in a small, inconspicuous area (on the same substrate) for compatibility and desired results prior to application. Recommended shelf life is one year.


Of course, having the right tools will make your job easier, so scroll to the bottom to see our recommended Sprayers, Brushes and Application Tools!


Coverage Rates

Coverage rates are approximate and will vary depending on substrate density, porosity and temperature. In most cases, only one heavy saturating coat is recommended.

Broom swept concrete: 125 sq. ft. / gallon
Troweled concrete: 150-200 sq. ft. / gallon
Pavers: 125 sq. ft. / gallon
Clay brick: 125-150 sq. ft. / gallon
Concrete block: 100-125 sq. ft. / gallon
Manufactured / faux / cultured stone: 125 sq. ft. / gallon
Natural stone: 125-150 sq. ft. / gallon
Stucco / Dryvit: 125-150 sq. ft. / gallon



Like all things, maintaining optimal protection of a sealed surface requires scheduled maintenance. Once properly applied, surfaces sealed with WB-75 may periodically require a light cleaning to remove dirt, dust, mud, etc. In most cases, low pressure water is all that is needed for routine cleaning. Do not use a hot-water pressure washer unless you are preparing to apply a maintenance coat of WB-75. Re-apply WB-75 once surface no longer beads water. Depending on wear and tear, sealed surfaces typically need a maintenance coat every 3-4 years on horizontal surfaces and every 4-5 years on vertical surfaces like walls.




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