Rapid Set-100 Crack Repair System

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Rapid Set Crack Repair
SurfKoat Rapid Set-100



Rapid Set-100 is our ultra-fast curing, high-strength concrete crack repair system. Rapid Set-100 is a two-component, hybrid-urethane filler and sealer for both interior and exterior use. It's low viscosity formula offers extremely easy "pour-in" installation with no need for any special tools or applicator. Rapid Set-100 is perfect for all types of applications including warehouses, garage floors, air fields, parking decks and more. It can be used to fill cracks, control joints, spalls and many other concrete issues.

Rapid Set-100 cures extremely fast and can be returned to service, supporting heavy loads in less than 15 minutes! Rapid Set-100 even works in cold temperatures, unlike other systems. Once mixed, product will harden in less than two minutes, so work fast and plan ahead.


  • Ultra-Fast Cure Time
  • Heavy Loads in 15 mins!
  • Easy Installation
  • 2k Hybrid-Urethane
  • Pour-in Application
  • Coverage: Varies


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Safety Data Sheet

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CA Warning WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Cumene and Benzene, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and Benzene, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Crack Repair Product Reviews

This stuff is Tough and Fast!
Perfect for filling cracks and joints before installing garage floors.

Just FYI...

  • Fill deep cracks or holes with sand first to save product.



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SurfKoat Rapid Set-100


Rapid Set-100 is a very fast setting, high strength, ultra low viscosity concrete repair material. This two part hybrid-urethane system is designed for rapidly rebuilding deeply spalled or damaged concrete surfaces, broken control joints and quickly repairing damaged concrete, even in cold conditions. This 2k urethane cures fast and can support heavy loads in 10 to 15 minutes. Rapid Set-100 repairs can be put back in service only minutes after the installation is made.

For deep cracks or surface spalls, we recommend first filling the crack, joint or hole with clean dry sand. This will add compressive strength, reduce product usage and also make a more natural "concrete" appearance. After Rapid Set-100 has hardened, it can be ground smooth, for a seamless repair. For flake, quartz or solid color interior floors, first install Rapid Set-100, then grind floor as normal. Always test for desired results before using on floors intended to be stained or dyed.

Do not use Rapid Set-100 in joints between slabs intended to move or provide for flexibility.


Cleaning and Preparation Instructions


Clean the crack, joint or area to be repaired. The area must be completely dry prior to application. For best results, chase cracks with diamond blade. Clean the surface and remove all unsound concrete, dust and debris. Prepare surface using a twisted wire wheel for spalls. Cut perimeter of damage with dry diamond blade.


Before opening or handling Rapid Set-100, first put on proper protective equipment including eye protection and rubber gloves.


Mixing Instructions


Mix ratio for Rapid Set-100 is 1(PartA) : 1(PartB). Pour equal amounts of Part A and Part B into a clean, dry, easy dispensing container. Mix contents quickly, but thoroughly with paint stick. Improper or incomplete mixing may result in product failure. Install immediately after mixing. Product will harden in less than 2 minutes.


Application Instructions


Before application, always test product in an inconspicuous area to ensure appearance and compatibility are acceptable. Concrete should be fully cured for 28 days before applying Rapid Set-100.


Pour mixed product directly into crack or over sand in crack base. Work the repair area quickly. Screed to finished grade and allow to set. For better finished repair surface, pour grout mix slightly above the finished grade. Allow to set and grind using a grinder fitted with a fine grit Zec wheel. Work in circular motion to grind/smooth to finished grade. If floor is not intended to be sealed or coated, seal the repaired surface by brushing a thin coat of Rapid Set-100 over area after grinding.


Coverage Rates will vary depending on the depth and size of cracks.



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