Diamabrush Replacement Prep Plus Blade Kit

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Malish Diamabrush Replacement Blades
Diamabrush Prep-Plus Tool Replacement Blade Kit



Replacement metal diamond blade kits for Diamabrush Concrete Prep-Plus Tools.

Replacement blades are available in 25 and 100 grit sizes, and in multiple kit sizes. Unlike all other Diamabrush blades, the Prep-Plus Blades are direction specific. If you have an existing tool, there should be a sticker on the clutch side of the tool block stating the rotation of the tool. If your existing tool does not state the rotation direction, machine rotation is easily determined by looking straight down at the machine as it sits on the floor, and simply noting the direction of rotation. The majority of machines on the market today have a counter-clockwise rotation. If the Machine Reference Guide specifies the standard NP-9200 clutch plate for your machine, then it is a counter-clockwise rotation. If the Machine Reference Guide specifies a different clutch plate for your machine, you will need to determine the direction of rotation.



  • 25 or 100 Grit
  • Easy Replacement
  • Multiple Kit Sizes
  • For Prep-Plus Tools
  • Clockwise or Counter-clockwise





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Diamabrush Replacement Blade Reviews

Easy way to restore like-new performance!

Just FYI...

  • Replace all blades at one time.
  • These blades are directional.



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