Penetrating and Mottling Additive

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Kolour Dye Penetrating and Mottling Agent



Kolour Dye Penetrating and Mottling Agent is a solvent additive for Kolour Dye systems to slow the dry time, allow better penetration and provide the user with more time to work with the product. Penetrating & Mottling Agent is excellent for high temperature environments and can be used indoors or out.

Kolour Dye Penetrating and Mottling Agent is packaged in 20oz bottles.


  • Slows Evaporation
  • Improves Penetration and Mottling
  • Usage: Up to 4 oz / Gallon



Mixing Instructions


Add desired amount of Kolour Dye Penetrating & Mottling Agent to Kolour Dye & acetone mixture prior to applying dye to concrete. Mottling Agent is a flammable liquid. Do not use any form of electrical equipment to mix the mottling agent with the dye or with the acetone!

See separate detailed surface prep, mixing and application instructions for Kolour Dye before use.


WARNING: Follow the acetone manufacturer's instructions and the Safety Data Sheet for exposure limitations and safe handling practices. Acetone is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE! Do not smoke! Turn off all portable heaters and gas pilot lights. Extinguish all open flames prior to use! Avoid sparks!


Recommended Usage:

Add up to 4oz per gallon of acetone/dye mixture


Before application, always test product in an inconspicuous area to ensure appearance and compatibility are acceptable.


Tech Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Mottling Additive Reviews

A must-have for creating unique effects or applying dyes in hot weather!



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