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There are many times when a clear sealer just doesn't do what we need it to do. Our AquaPack Color System gives you the ability to turn your favorite clear sealer into a coloring system too. By simply adding the color concentrate to a compatible water-based sealer, you can now easily re-color worn stamped concrete, transform boring gray concrete or tint your pavers the color you always wished they were. Even interior concrete floors can now be stained and sealed in one simple step.

AquaPack Color is currently available in 6 standard colors. Colors can also be mixed to create endless combinations. Simply add less pigment to achieve a more translucent color or use up to 16oz / gallon for a solid opaque color. Each AquaPack contains 32oz (1 quart) of color concentrate.

Although our 6000 WB Urethane and 1040 WB Epoxy are by far the most popular choices for use with the AquaPack Tint System, it is compatible with almost all water-based sealers on the market, regardless of brand.


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  • Concentrated and UV stable!
  • For many types of water-based sealers
  • 6 Great Colors
  • Each Pack contains 32oz
  • Completely Customizable
  • Coverage - See Below


Mixing Instructions


Add desired amount of AquaPack Color to compatible water based sealer and stir with a drill mixer for approximately 1-2 minutes or until completely mixed, prior to application. When adding color to a two-component product such as 6000 WB Urethane or 1040 Epoxy, thoroughly mix color with PartA before mixing with PartB as usual. Stir lightly periodically during application to ensure an even color distribution. Remix any material left over with a drill mixer before applying.

This system allows you to tint the product of your choice to the exact color and intensity you desire by simply varying the amount of color used. Simply add less pigment to achieve a more translucent color or more for a rich opaque color. The amount of color needed will vary depending on the product used and color desired. For lighter colors it may take more and darker colors may take less depending on the application. Do not add too much color! Over pigmenting may cause color float or streaking. Especially in the darker colors!

Our most popular products to use with the AquaPack System are:

Polyrez 6000 WB Urethane (for indoor residential, commercial, industrial and garage floors)
Polyrez 1040 WB Epoxy (for indoor residential, commercial, industrial and garage floors)
Deco-Guard-WB (for outdoor concrete)
Aqua-Cure (for outdoor concrete)

See each product above for recommended starting points and details about adding color to that specific product.

See separate detailed info for complete preparation and application instructions for the specific water-based sealer you are using. Before application, always test product in an inconspicuous area to ensure appearance and compatibility are acceptable.


PDF Color Chart

Tech Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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  • Be sure to keep good notes about your mix ratios.



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