SurfKoat Aqualon-L-100 Lithium Densifier

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L-100 Lithium Concrete Densifier
SurfKoat Aqualon L-100



SurfKoat Aqualon L-100 is a premium quality, easy to use, lithium-silicate concrete densifier, hardener and sealer used in the process of polishing concrete. Aqualon L-100 creates a permanent dust-proof surface by reducing the porosity of the concrete and hardening the surface. Densifiers actually become a permanent part of the concrete itself, and will not peel, scratch or wear away due to heavy traffic. After application of Aqualon L-100, a floor polisher can then be used to create a high-gloss finish.


  • Premium Lithium
  • Water Based
  • Can never flake or peel
  • Increases surface strength
  • Reduces dusting
  • Easy Spray or brush Application
  • All existing sealers must be removed before application
  • Coverage: 200-400 sq. ft. / gallon


Tech Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Lithium Silicate Reviews

An excellent densifier for polishing!

Just FYI...

  • Film-forming sealers or coatings are not recommended over L-100.



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Aqualon L 100


Aqualon L-100 is a premium, fast acting, lithium silicate densifier. Lithium silicates are the highest quality and easiest to use of all the densifiers. They penetrate deep, and react quickly to create a hard dense surface perfect for polishing. Lithium silicates also help to combat surface ASR.


Cleaning and Preparation Instructions


Do not apply to any surface that is dirty, frozen, or heavily saturated or flooded with water. Surface must be clean and free of all debris, dry, and absorbent. Mist water in a small area to test the surface for absorbency. Any surface to be treated should uniformly wet out. If the surface to be treated does not wet out uniformly, it is then recommended to prepare the surface mechanically to increase porosity and to remove any remaining surface contaminants.


Application Instructions


We do not recommend application of any hardener or densifier to any concrete slab that has been cured less than 28 days.

All concrete surfaces should be clean and completely dry before application.


Basic application (if not polishing):

Apply at a rate of 600-800 sq. ft. per gallon using an industrial grade sprayer with a 0.5 gal./min. fan tip, lint free mop, or soft bristle push broom. Ensure floor saturation for 15-20 minutes, removing any puddle areas with a soft bristle push broom. Apply more Aqualon L-100 to areas that appear to be more porous and are absorbing the material more. Rework any excess material with a soft bristle broom as to allow the material to dry evenly. Remove any excess or residue with a stiff bristle broom or dry pad floor buffer.


Polishing application:

After completing the 400 grit stage of polishing, apply a saturating, uniform coat of Aqualon L-100 at a rate of 400-600 sq. ft. per gallon using an industrial grade sprayer with a 0.5 gal./min. fan tip, lint free mop, or soft bristle push broom, ensuring floor saturation for 15-20 minutes. Do not allow to puddle. Allow to dry. Follow through with additional polishing steps until desired appearance is achieved. Additional applications of Aqualon L-100 can be added at any stage before the final polishing phase is done if necessary at a rate of 600-800 sq. ft. per gallon. Allow to dry. Remove any excess residue with polishing diamonds or polishing pads. Flushing with water is not necessary. Note: For softer concrete an initial application of Aqualon L-100 can be applied after the 80 grit stage prior to the standard polishing steps to achieve a harder surface.


Of course, having the right tools will make your job easier, so scroll to the bottom to see our recommended Sprayers, Brushes and Application Tools!


Coverage Rates: Coverage rates are approximate and will vary depending on substrate density, porosity and temperature. In most cases, 2-3 coats are required. Coverage rates based on total combined two coat application.

Troweled concrete: 200-400 sq. ft. / gallon


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