Swissmex Acids Sprayer O-ring Kit

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Acids O-Ring Kit



Complete o-ring replacement kit for Swissmex Acids Sprayers.

Fits Swissmex Acids10 and Acids20. This replacement o-ring kit also fits other popular professional acid sprayers such as Sp Systems Sp10Acid and Sp20Acid. Includes all o-rings needed for a rebuild. Does not include spindle washer, check-valve or plunger.

Since all new Swissmex Acids Sprayers already come with a spare check-valve and pump plunger, we decided to offer these separately from this o-ring kit. This way you aren't being forced to buy and pay for parts you probably don't even need. You'll also find that we've eliminated the cheap rubber flat washers originally used as a tip gasket and as a gasket between the wand and spray gun. These have now been replaced with high quality EPDM o-rings for proper chemical resistance. This hasn't been a major problem on the Acids Sprayers, but on the Acetone and Solvents Sprayers, swelling of these cheap rubber washers has been a big problem for users.


  • Complete O-Ring Kit
  • Fits Acids Sprayers



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