Garage floor coating

"Epoxy" Garage Floors

Epoxy coating a garage floor


Garage floor coating systems not only make your garage look awesome, they also protect the concrete from oils, fluids and salt damage. These durable coatings also make the floor easier to clean and always offer a nice boost to property value.

Garage floors demand only the most durable and chemical resistant coatings available. We often use the term "epoxy" to describe the tough, chemical resistant coatings used in this type of application, but specialty urethanes such as polyaspartics are actually the most common type of coating used for garage floors. Our line-up of industrial epoxies, polyureas and urethanes combined with proper surface preparation and application will ensure that your high traffic flooring not only looks amazing, but will withstand years of wear and abuse.

Below, we will discuss the floor cleaning and preparation process, along with the different types of coatings available for creating beautiful and durable concrete garage floors. In addition to the resources here in the "help center", you can also find detailed information and color charts for every product we offer, by visiting that product's page. We know how confusing all of this can be, but that's what we're here for! If you have questions, give us a call or send us an email and we'll be glad to help you through the process.

Grinding concrete floors

Garage Floor Cleaning and Preparation

- Before applying ANY product to ANY steel troweled floor, the surface MUST be opened by chemically etching or by mechanically grinding or shot blasting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you plan to short-cut this step, you had might as well go ahead and dump your money down the toilet. Trowel finishing closes the pores at the surface preventing stains, dyes, sealers or any other coating from being able to penetrate and bond.

We carry a full line of floor grinding tools by Diamabrush. These amazing diamond brushes fit most all standard floor machines readily available at your local rental center. They give both homeowners and contractors the ability to properly prep concrete floors without the huge expense of owning a planetary diamond grinder. Many rental stores, including most Home Depot locations, also rent the diamabrush tools as well.

Always review and follow the manufacturer's recommended guidelines for prep and application of any concrete stain, sealer or coating. You can find these recommendations by reviewing that product's technical data sheet, or by clicking the "Detailed Info" tab on that product's page.

Chip and flake garage floors

Flake / Chip Garage Floors

- Flake floor systems are a great way to create a beautiful, durable floor in a variety of different spaces. With the many different base coat, flake size and color combinations available, you can easily create the perfect look for your unique space. Each flake color blend is available in both 1/4" and 1/16" sizes. These flakes can be broadcast into the wet coating to full coverage, partial coverage or anywhere in between. Flake floors require multiple coats and multiple steps, but are actually very easy to install. Flake floors can be installed using our 250 HP high-solids epoxy or PolyKoat Polyaspartics.

epoxy painting a garage floor

Solid Color "Epoxy" Garage Floors

- Solid color floors are the easiest and simplest garage floor system to install. After prep, you simply apply the colored coating to the floor in either a one or two coat process depending on the type of system you are using. Solid color coatings typically produce a slick high-gloss finish, or can be used with various texture additives to improve traction, add texture or reduce gloss. Solid color floors can be installed using our 250 HP high-solids epoxy, 1040 water-based epoxy or PolyKoat Polyaspartics.

Quartz sand garage floor

Quartz / Sand Finish Garage Floors

- Quartz floors are much like flake finish floors, but they have a much more aggressive texture. This system is installed by broadcasting colored quartz sand into the coating. The quartz is extremely hard and resistant to wear. In addition to superior durability, this finish offers great non-slip properties. Quartz sands are available in a beautiful variety of color blends to fit any style or decor. This is a great choice of flooring for restrooms, garages, entryways or anywhere a durable slip-resistant coating is needed. Quartz floors can be installed using our 250 HP high-solids epoxy or PolyKoat Polyaspartics.

>> Recommended Products
Price: $243.74 - $1,325.82

Surfkoat PolyKoat GL-80 Polyaspartic Polyurea
Our #1 Selling Product for Interior Concrete Floors! Perfect for stained concrete, flake and Garage Floors. 2 or 10 gallon kit.

Product Rating

Price: $141.80 - $265.78

Surfkoat 6000 Water-Based Urethane
2k High performance water based urethane sealer for concrete. Hard, durable, chemical resistant and low odor. Gloss Finish.

Product Rating

Price: $298.84 - $1,427.68

Surfkoat 6100 Water-Based Matte Urethane
2k High performance water based urethane sealer for concrete. Hard, durable, chemical resistant and low odor. Matte Finish.

Product Rating

Price: $151.84 - $698.22

Surfkoat 1040 Water-Based Epoxy
2k 40% solids water based epoxy for concrete. Easy Application and low odor. Great for industrial, commercial and garage floors. 2 Gallon kit.

Product Rating

Price: $238.20 - $1,050.19

Surfkoat 250 HP Cyclo Industrial Epoxy
100% Solids, Heavy-Duty, High Performance Epoxy. Perfect for industrial, commercial and garage floors. 3 or 15 Gallon kit.

Product Rating

Price: $35.98 - $36.00

SurfKoat Metallic FX Pigments
Create stunning, reflective, metallic epoxy floors with these metallic epoxy pigments. 16 oz.

Product Rating

Price: $154.04

SurfKoat Rapid Cast Color Flakes
Blended color flake chips for epoxy and polyaspartic garage floors. 40 lbs.

Product Rating

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