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F9 Efflorescence & Calcium Remover

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Efflo from Front 9 Restoration is a concentrated, professional grade cleaner specifically designed to remove white powder, efflorescence, calcium and hard water stains. This is the best and most effective product we have ever found for removing these tough mineral deposits and stains from concrete, pavers, brick, block, stone and masonry.

F9 Efflo is highly concentrated and a great value. One gallon makes up to 9 gallons of ready to use cleaner! F9 Efflo is also much safer to use than muriatic acid.

F9 Efflo can also be used to etch and profile concrete surfaces in preparation of stains, dyes, sealers or coatings. (Of course for troweled concrete we always recommend mechanical grinding instead of etching if possible).



  • Much safer than muriatic acid
  • Removes efflorescence
  • Removes mud and clay stains
  • Removes calcium and hard water stains
  • Concentrated - Makes up to 9 gallons!
  • Spray / Brush Application
  • Coverage - See Detailed Info!


Tech Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


Detailed Info!

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Front 9 Efflo

F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover is breakthrough in the restoration and cleaning industry. F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover is a user friendly, full 31.45% strength muriatic acid replacement. This product combines a buffered, pleasant smelling acid along with an excellent soaping capability to work better at lower concentrations. F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover gives the user the advantage of a full strength product while greatly reducing fuming and corrosion, thereby improving overall health and safety risk profile.

Although we always recommend diamond grinding before application of any stain, dye, sealer or coating on trowel finished concrete, F9 Efflo can also be used to effectively etch and profile concrete surfaces if diamond grinding is not available.

If you plan to apply a stain, dye or sealer (except acid stains) after application be sure to neutralize and restore pH with before applying stain or sealer. Rinse thoroughly! Surface and pores must be clean, dry and free of all chemicals before applying stains, dyes or sealers. Acid stains are not recommended for use on surfaces that have been cleaned with F9 Efflo.

Suitable Substrates: F9 Efflorescence and Calcium Remover can be used on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, bricks, pavers, limestone, sandstone, riverstone, exposed aggregate, stucco, shingles, EIFS, synthetic stone, aluminum, unpolished marble and other surfaces.

Unsuitable Substrates: May not be suitable for polished or glazed surfaces. Not for use on metallic or other synthetic coatings or films. Do not use on acrylic and polycarbonate sheet glazing.

Always test F9 Efflo in an inconspicuous area before use to ensure compatibility and desired results!


Pre-Cleaning Instructions

If necessary, power wash surface to be cleaned using a commercial grade pressure washer, our and a surface cleaner to remove oil and debris. Rinse well. Cleaning the concrete first will remove loose dirt and debris, clearing the path for better cleaning.


Dilution Instructions



Dilution Ratios: (parts water to parts Efflo concentrate)
For Concrete, Brick, Paver, Grout & Masonry

Thick Calcium Stains and Concrete Prep for Coatings: 1:1 up to 4:1
Medium Calcium Stains: 4:1 up to 8:1
Light Calcium Stains: 8:1 to 12:1
Powdery Efflorescence Cleaning 12:1
General Cleaning 8:1


Cleaning Instructions

1. Add 1 part F9 Calcium and Efflorescence Remover to proper ratio of water.

(Since F9 Efflo has many uses, it is up to the Applicator to determine proper dilution ratios. F9 Efflo can be applied straight up to a 12:1 dilution). Always pour cold water into the bucket first, then add product. Always test first to confirm compatibility and desired strength. THIS CAN ETCH MASONRY. ALWAYS TEST FIRST!

2. Mist surface with water so it is damp, but not puddling.

3. Spray product on surface to be cleaned using our . Surface should foam immediately. Let dwell 20 seconds to 3 minutes. Do not let product dry.

4. Scrub surface as necessary with a hard bristled brush or broom. Let dwell another 1-15 minutes. Neutralize surface with or . Power wash with fan tip or surface cleaner if needed. Do not let product dry.

5. Analyze results, repeat application if needed and adjust dilution according to desired results.

6. Several mild individual applications are better than one overpowering dose. Always pressure wash and flush the surface after application.

Warning: Applying F9 Efflo to colored concrete or manufactured stone may remove color from the surface.


Coverage on Porous Surfaces: One gallon of F9 Efflorescence and Calcium Remover covers 200-400' of porous masonry and up to 1,200' of sealed or non-porous masonry. Application rates will vary depending on the amount of staining, porosity of the substrate and if the surface was sealed.

Always Apply F9 Efflo through an Acid Resistant Sprayer.



Of course, having the right tools will make your job easier, so scroll down to see our recommended Sprayers, Brushes and Application Tools!




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