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Welcome to the all new SS&!

They say change is the one constant you can count on. That statement couldn't be more true in our industry. Technology, security, regulations, packaging and documentation are constantly changing, evolving and being updated. Our commitment has always been to bring you the most innovative products and most accurate up-to-date info possible.

Welcome to the fastest, safest and easiest to use SS& ever! It's hard to believe its been 15 years since we purchased this domain with nothing more than a hope and a dream. Fast-forward to 2022 and this is now the 5th all new platform we've brought you since that day. It's hard to even describe the amount of time, work and planning that goes into a project like this, but each and every time it has been worth every minute. We're so excited to bring you this latest version with lots of new features to make choosing the right products easier than ever.

Here are a couple old screenshots I found. Some of you who have been around for a while will remember these!








So, What's New?

* Well, most obvious... For the first time ever, a light colored theme. This was a really hard decision to make since the black background has been a trademark since day one. I have to admit I miss the dark theme, but the lighter color is easier on your eyes and provides a more realistic appearance of product color choices.



* Three new ways to find and explore the products you need.

  • Shop by Surface
  • Shop by Brand
  • Shop by Project




* Never get lost with a new left-hand menu that follows you wherever you go on tablets and desktops.




* Expanded "Help Center" with all the resources you need in one place.



What stayed the same?


* The same familiar menu is still there on every page just like it always has been.



* "Quick Links" to all the product brands are still right where you expect them to be at the bottom of every page.



Thanks for taking the time to check out the new site. These are just a few highlights so look around and enjoy the new scenery!

If you already have an account and have purchased recently, it should be all setup on the new site and ready to go. If you haven't purchased in a while, your login may not have been moved to the new platform. You can simply create a new account or contact us and we'll be glad to get it set up for you. If you are a Contractor Rewards Member and your account for some reason doesn't show your special pricing level, be sure to give us a call before placing an order so we can modify your account to reflect your contractor pricing.

If you don't have an account... What are you waiting for? 

Thanks Again!

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