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Need work done but don't know who you can trust?

We'll be glad to point you in the right direction!

We work with lots of local professional contractors who specialize in the cleaning, staining and sealing services you need. Each of our certified contractors have been trained in the proper use and application of our products and are supported at all times by our tech department.

We work everyday with local Virginia Contractors specializing in Deck Staining, Fence Staining and Professional Wood Cleaning and Restoration. These are also professionals trained in Driveway Sealing, Concrete Staining, as well as Masonry and Stone Sealing / Cleaning. These services include specific applications such as Exposed Aggregate Sealing, Pressure Washing, Paver Sealing and Stone Sealing. Many also offer specialized interior services including stained concrete floors, industrial epoxy floors, metallic epoxy floors, epoxy garage floors and flake garage floor systems.


Are you a professional contractor? We want you on our team!

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Southern Stain and Seal does not recommend or endorse any specific applicator. It is solely the customer's responsibility to select a suitable contractor.
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