Malish Mal-Grit Xtra 46 Grit Rotary Brush

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Malish rotary scrubbing brushes
Malish Mal-Grit Xtra Brush



The Mal-Grit Xtra brush is the most aggressive scrubbing brush available. It features heavy-duty nylon bristles impregnated with 46 grit silicone carbide. This brush is perfect for stripping old sealers or coatings off of all types of surfaces. It is also used for scrubbing heavily soiled concrete floors as well as cleaning horizontal natural stone. The Mal-Grit Xtra brush is one of the most useful and hardest working tools you will ever own.

Mal-Grit brushes are easy to use, require no special training and fit most all standard floor machines available at most rental stores.

To ensure the tool you order is a perfect fit for your specific machine and set-up, we custom build each tool per order. This allows us to ship most Mal-Grit Brushes NEXT DAY, and of course shipping is always free to all 48 Continental United States!


  • Extra Heavy-Duty Scrubbing
  • Chemical Resistant
  • .070 Bristle Diameter
  • Most Aggressive 46 Grit
  • Available in 10"-21" Sizes
  • Custom Fit to Your Machine


Don't forget the Clutch Plate required to mount your new brush to your specific machine!

Not sure which plate you need? See "Selecting The Right Tool" below, for more on how to select the right tool and accessories for your specific machine, or Just give us a call with the make and model of your machine, and we'll be glad to help!




Selecting The Right Tool


When ordering your new Mal-Grit Brush you will need to know several things about the machine you will be using the tool on.


1. What is the make and model number of the machine the tool will be used on?

Once you have this information, open the Machine Reference Guide above. The machine manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order. Once your brand of machine is found, continue down until you find the correct model. By reading across, you can then determine the correct clutch plate required for your specific machine. Clutch plates are sold separately, so don't forget to add the one you need before checking out.

2. What diameter tool do you need?

In most cases, if you wish for the tool to fit up inside the housing of the machine, the tool block diameter should be ordered 2" smaller than the stated machine size. If you wish for your new tool to extend all the way to the edge of your machine housing, you will need a riser to allow the desired diameter tool to drop below the housing and extend outwards toward or past the edge of the machine housing. A riser is a just a simple spacer that is mounted between the clutch plate and tool. You will have the option of including a riser when you select your required clutch plate.

Either way is acceptable and there are pros and cons to each. A tool that fits up inside the machine housing, without a riser allows for a much lower center of gravity and also makes the tool much less vulnerable to damage. On the other hand, a riser allows for a larger tool that will cover more area and allows you to scrub all the way up against walls and other stationary objects. The most common configuration is to use a riser and order the tool the same size as the stated size of your machine. This puts the bristles even with or slightly past the edge of the machine housing. This allows you to scrub all the way up against walls and other objects, but the choice is up to you to decide which setup is best for your application.

Brush Components Brush Dimensions

4. What center hole diameter is required?

Mal-Grit Brushes are available with a variety of different diameter center holes, as well as with no hole at all. Once again, the specifications for center hole sizes can be found in the Machine Reference Guide. The majority of machines on the market today require a standard 5" diameter center hole for mounting of the standard NP-9200 clutch plate. If you need a different, or specific size center hole, or desire a solid tool with no center hole, be sure to include that information in the notes section when placing your order.


Not sure which tool you need?
Just give us a call with the make and model of your machine, and we'll be glad to help!

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This is the most useful brush you can own!
Perfect for stripping old coatings and cleaning stone.



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