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Epopack Epoxy Color



Our EpoPack Color System allows you to easily add color to your clear 250 HP Epoxy to create beautiful, high gloss solid colors. EpoPack Color is available in 14 great colors to fit any situation. Colors can also be mixed to create endless combinations. Color is also recommended in the base coat of flake floor installations to create a more uniform appearance. Each pint is designed to tint a 3 gallon kit to a solid opaque color. If desired, simply add less pigment to achieve a more translucent color.

The 250 HP Epoxy Floor System features three unique components: 250 HP Epoxy, EpoPack Color and Metallic FX Pigments. This makes The 250 HP Epoxy System one of the most versatile products we have ever offered.

Each part of the 250 HP Epoxy System is sold separately. This gives you the unique ability to create the exact floor you want, while only purchasing the components you need, in the amounts you need. This gives you complete flexibility over your project, unlike garage floor or concrete epoxy "kits".

  • Ultra-High Performance
  • For Interior and Garage Floors
  • Adds to 250 HP Epoxy
  • 14 Great Colors
  • Completely Customizable
  • Coverage - See Below


Mixing Instructions


For tinted or solid color applications, first mix desired amount of EpoPack Color with pre-measured amount of 250 HP Epoxy PartA and mix thoroughly using a low speed drill mixer. For most solid color applications, the average usage is 5.3 ounces of EpoPack Color per 1 gallon of finished coating. (each pint tints a 3 gallon kit) This means: To make approximately one gallon of colored 250 HP Epoxy, mix 5.3 oz. of color with 2/3 gallon of PartA (which will then be mixed with 1/3 gallon of PartB to complete the volume) For lighter colors it may take more and darker colors may take less depending on the application. Do not add too much color! Over pigmenting may cause color float or streaking. Especially in the darker colors! Do not allow product to puddle during application!

See separate detailed info for complete preparation, mixing and application instructions for 250 HP Epoxy.


PDF Color Chart

Tech Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Epoxy Color Pigment Reviews

Great Colors and Easy to use!

Just FYI...

  • Don't overload the product, especially on the darker colors.



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Epoxy Floor Color Chart

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