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Waterproofing Masonry Sealer

Concrete or cinder blocks are
commonly used to build buildings,
masonry walls and foundations.

Our Concrete Block Sealers & Cleaners
will protect your concrete, cinder
or split face block wall from
water, dirt, mold and graffiti.


How to Seal Concrete Block

Blocks can come in many different shapes, sizes and colors. The concrete they are made of and the mortar holding them together is very porous. If left unprotected, both will readily soak up water, dirt, oil and stains. Most concrete color, stain and dye systems are also compatible for staining block. We carry several great options for Waterproofing and Sealing Block.

  • Block Cleaning and Preparation

    - As with all projects, proper preparation is the MOST important step! Before a protective treatment can be applied, any non-compatible old sealers MUST be removed and the surface completely cleaned and de-greased to ensure adhesion and penetration.
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  • Penetrating Block Sealers

    - This type of sealer penetrates into the surface, sealing out water and contaminates. Penetrating sealers do not form a film or change the look of the surface. These are very effective, long lasting and offer easy maintenance. This water repellent masonry sealer only needs maintenance every 5-7 years.
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  • Permanent Block Sealers

    - This is the kind of sealer that some quick-money franchises have made a fortune off of in the last couple years. These sealers are not magic or mystical, as the companies who offer only this product would like you to believe. Although not magic, they ARE the best protection you can offer your concrete block. These products penetrate deep into the masonry surface, chemically fusing to the concrete, sealing out water, oil, gas, salt and other contaminates. These sealers are available clear, or can be combined with color dyes to change the color of existing block. Although more expensive, these are truly permanent and require no maintenance coats.
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