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Coval Concrete

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Performance Concrete Coating


Coval Concrete is our Ultimate Performance Coating. This coating is extremely hard and durable, with amazing resistance to acids, chemicals, fluids or almost anything else you can throw at it. It's cutting edge Covalent Bonding Technology allows this ultra high performance sealer to penetrate and bond to almost any surface or existing coating. This provides amazing versatility and allows it to be used over all types of surfaces including porcelain, ceramic, tile, densified concrete, epoxies, acrylics and urethanes. Coval Concrete has excellent color enhancement and comes in both a gloss and matte finish formula.

Coval Concrete can be applied directly to concrete, but actually performs best if applied over another high-performance product like an epoxy or urethane. This makes Coval Concrete the perfect product for re-coating old or worn sealers. Coval Concrete makes old coatings look like brand new, with almost no additional thickness or build-up! This is also a great way to boost the performance of existing coatings. Sealers top-coated with this product will be much harder, scratch resistant and chemical resistant than they were before. Coval floors are perfect for aircraft hangars, kennels, warehouses, garages, hair salons or anywhere needing exceptional scratch and chemical resistance.

Coval Concrete also offers exceptional protection against graffiti. The strong covalent bond with the substrate eliminates voids and forms a clear non-sacrificial barrier of protection from graffiti. The new, clear surface allows easy cleaning of graffiti, paint, permanent marker, and stickers without affecting the surface underneath. No harsh chemicals are needed to remove the marks, simply use a mild cleaner. The substrate won’t be damaged by repeated cleaning and the coating will last for many years and multiple cleans. Once applied, the cleaning can easily be done by a property owner or manager.

Coval Concrete is ready to use and single component, so no complicated measuring or mixing is involved. Coval Concrete is also extremely easy to apply with only a sprayer. It goes on thin and penetrates deep into the surface, creating an extremely strong bond.


Coval Concrete is perfect for all types of high-performance applications:

Stained Floors
Restoring Worn Stained Concrete Floors
Garage Floors
Toughest Garage Floor Coating
Aircraft Hangars
Best Coating for Aircraft Hangar Floors


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  • Ultra-High Performance
  • Acid and Scratch Resistant
  • Enhanced "Wet Look"
  • For Interior Floors and Countertops
  • Single Component Technology
  • Gloss or Matte Finish
  • Fast Cure
  • Spray Application
  • Coverage: 300-400 sq. ft. / gallon


Tech Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet


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Coval Concrete

Coval Concrete is hands down the most innovative product we have ever offered. Not only is it the hardest and most durable, it is also the easiest to use and apply!

Coval Concrete was originally designed as a concrete countertop sealer because of it's outstanding resistance to acids, wine, vinegar and many other damaging foods or beverages. Fast-forward 15 years and although it is still an awesome concrete countertop sealer (if used properly), CC has now become even more popular for interior concrete floors.

CC is a true "top coat", not a thick, high-build coating like an epoxy, polyaspartic or urethane. CC must be applied THIN, and preferably not directly to bare concrete. This product actually performs best when used over another high-performance product like an epoxy or polysapartic. The molecular structure of CC is extremely small, and that nano-technology actually allows CC to penetrate into and fill the voids between the molecules of the other coating. This allows you to take a low, medium or high-performance floor and turn it into a high or ultra-high-performance floor, by simply applying a thin coat of Coval Concrete.

CC is also perfect for restoring old worn or scratched coatings to like new, or better than new condition. Unlike other coatings, CC creates an extremely thin film that does not add additional thickness or build-up to the floor. Existing fully cured coatings must be sanded before application to ensure penetration and adhesion. CC is available in both a Gloss and Matte finish version to fit any design style. The matte finish version is also a great way to turn an existing gloss sealer into a matte finish without all the hassle of removing the old coating.


Cleaning and Preparation Instructions

Before application of Coval Concrete, substrate must first be properly prepared, primed or coated. Surface should be free of all dirt, oil, dust, and foreign contaminants. Acid etching or equivalent concrete grinding to uniformly open the pores of the concrete is required for all concrete coatings to perform successfully. New concrete must cure a minimum of 28 days before application. Neutral surface pH of 7-9 and moisture content must be less than 13%. Coval Concrete must be applied within the recommended re-coat time of any base coating used.

IMPORTANT: REMOVE ANY SILICONE! Coval Concrete will not adhere to silicones or polymer modified grouts. To determine if the surface is previously sealed or coated, sprinkle water onto the surface. If the water is absorbed and the surface becomes darker, it has not been sealed. If the water beads up, there is a coating or sealer that must be removed to allow adhesion to the substrate. Remove silicone sealers, then rinse with fresh water and allow to dry.


Bare Concrete Floors:

Although Coval Concrete can be applied directly to bare concrete, best results are typically obtained by first priming/sealing the substrate first. Coval Concrete can be used as a final high-performance top-coat over many types of coatings, and even over densifiers or polished surfaces. Your choice of base-coat will ultimately depend on desired appearance, jobsite constraints and personal preference. Be sure to apply chosen primer or coating according to the manufacturer's recommended preparation and application instructions. Coval Concrete must be applied within the recommended re-coat time of any base coating used. Some of our favorite base-coat recommendations are:

6000 WB Urethane - Excellent color enhancement, especially over acetone dyes or acid stains.

1040 WB Epoxy - Minimal color enhancement for a very natural appearance.

PolyKoat-GL-90 - High-build coating excellent for solid color or garage floor applications.

Aqualon-L-100 - Our favorite way to use Coval Concrete! This combination of densifier + top coat system creates a floor that is truly in a league of it's own with un-matched hardness and durability. This is something that can't be accomplished with typical coatings like epoxies or urethanes. These traditional coatings rely on a simple mechanical bond to the substrate. This works great on a porous or profiled surface, but not so well on densified or polished concrete. Coval Concrete works differently by bonding covalently at the molecular level. This allows it to be used in places where where other coatings cannot.

This floor system can be installed in a variety of ways. Just like with a traditional polished floor, the amount of grinding done before the application of the densifier will expose more or less of the aggregate and determine the final appearance of the floor. The number of grinding/polishing steps performed will also vary based on the quality of the concrete, budget, available equipment and personal preference. 100 grit is the minimum recommended profile, with 200 grit probably being the best balance of labor vs appearance. In addition to the added protection provided by the top-coat, the labor and cost savings are a major benefit of using this system. In our experience, continuing to polish beyond 200 grit provides little benefit vs the labor and expense of the additional polishing steps.

Apply L-100 or other chosen densifier according to manufacturers instructions. Be sure to densify as thoroughly as possible. Completely filling the pores will provide the hardest floor possible and best final appearance. This will also reduce the amount of top-coat required. Although not technically required, we HIGHLY recommend the following additional steps in the installation process. Allow the densifier to cure for 3 days, before scrubbing with a neutralizing solution of vinegar and water. Depending on the size of the job and available equipment this may be done with an autoscrubber, floor machine or simply a stiff broom or brush. Vacuum throughly after scrubbing. Finish with a rinse of clean water and vacuum thoroughly again. Allow the floor to dry for 24 hours or until moisture level is below 13%. At this point the floor is ready for top-coat application.


Existing Coatings:

1. If applying to an existing fully cured and fully adhered coating, the surface must be cleaned and sanded with 220 grit sandpaper before application.

2. Remove all dust from the surface. Surface must be clean and dry before application of Coval Concrete!


1. Hone surface to at least 200 grit. Clean surface with 4:1 mixture of . See separate application instructions for mixing, using, neutralizing and rinsing Surf-Prep.

2. Allow area to dry completely.


Porcelain or Ceramic:
1. Clean surface and grout by scrubbing and/or steam cleaning. Clean surface with 4:1 mixture of . See separate application instructions for mixing, using, neutralizing and rinsing Surf-Prep.

2. Allow area to dry completely.


Application Instructions

WARNING: Coval Concrete is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE! Do not smoke! Turn off all portable heaters and gas pilot lights. Extinguish all open flames prior to use! Avoid sparks!

Before application, always test product in an inconspicuous area to ensure appearance and compatibility are acceptable. Concrete should be fully cured for 28 days before applying Coval Concrete.


1. Mix product well.

2. Spray Coval Concrete over surface with our . Apply evenly at a rate of 300-400 sq. ft. / gallon depending on surface porosity. Do not over apply. CC is designed to be applied thin. Apply 3-4 mils wet film thickness (WFT) and never allow puddling.

Satin & Matte finishes: Stir the contents thoroughly in the bottom of the container to re-suspend the matting agents that have settled to the bottom before pouring into sprayer. Remove all particle filters in the sprayer to avoid clogging. Shake the pump sprayer often during application to re-suspend the matting agents ensuring a consistent finish.

3. Allow surface to dry for a minimum of 6 hours before foot traffic and 24 hours before heavier traffic. Product achieves full strength and chemical resistance in 7 days.


Of course, having the right tools will make your job easier, so scroll to the bottom to see our recommended Sprayers, Brushes and Application Tools!


Coverage Rates

One single coat: 300-400 sq. ft. / gallon

Coverage will vary depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate, as well as the applicator’s method of application.



Once properly applied, surfaces sealed with Coval Concrete will require very little maintenance. The surface may periodically require a light cleaning to remove dirt, dust, mud, etc. In most cases, simple mopping or autoscrubbing is all that is needed for routine cleaning.




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