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Concrete primer and color dye
Atomic Base Coat



Atomic Base-Coat is a specialized concrete primer, sealer and coloring system. Atomic Base-Coat is the first step in the Atomic Floor System. This system is specifically designed for creating a very thin-film coating with equal or superior protection to thicker coatings like epoxies and polyaspartics. Unlike heavier coatings, the Atomic System allows the concrete surface to retain a very natural texture with excellent protection from spills and abrasion.

Atomic Base-Coat requires no mixing and is extremely easy to apply with only a sprayer. Atomic Base penetrates deep to fill pores and prepare the concrete surface, while creating an extremely strong bond with very little surface film. Atomic Base-Coat is extremely fast drying, allowing the top-coat process to begin in less than 15 minutes.


Atomic Base-Coat can be used clear or with color:

Blue Dyed Concrete Floor
Stained Concrete Floor
Gray dyed atomic floor
Stained and sealed concrete floor

  • High Performance
  • Bonding Primer
  • For Interior Floors and Countertops
  • Use Clear or With Color
  • Fast Cure
  • Spray Application
  • Coverage: 250-300 sq. ft. / gallon


PDF Color Chart

Tech Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

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Concrete Color Reviews

Excellent primer and color system!
Great for creating modern thin-film stained concrete floors.

Just FYI...

  • Without color, Atomic Base has very little darkening effect.



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Concrete Dye Color Chart
Atomic Base Coat


Atomic Base-Coat, also know as "Atomic Seal or Color", is a flexible primer, sealer, and color system and can be used separately or with the Atomic Top-Coat. On new decorative concrete floors, Atomic Base-Coat is applied in an easy two or more coat process by sprayer. The first coat is applied clear without color to begin sealing off the surface and fill in the small pores of the concrete. The second coat is then applied with color. Additional coats of the same or different contrasting colors can be applied after the previous coat has dried for 10 minutes. This allows the installer to quickly apply multiple colors and designs during the process. Once the color is set, we recommend buffing the floor with a white nylon abrasive floor pad. After buffing, the floor is then ready for application of Atomic Top-Coat.



Atomic EAP System Atomic Top-Coat System:

Atomic Top Coat is our Ultimate Performance Coating, and the second step in the Atomic Floor System. It is a thin-film ultra-hard and chemical resistant clear coat designed to be used over Atomic Base-Coat and many other compatible coatings. ATC can be used on all types of surfaces including porcelain, ceramic, tile, densified concrete, epoxies, acrylics and urethanes. ATC has excellent color enhancement and comes in both a gloss and matte finish formula.



Cleaning and Preparation Instructions


1. Completely remove any and all sealers, coatings and curing compounds on the concrete surface. Clean all oils and contaminates from the concrete. Use only cleaning methods suitable for the substrate you are cleaning. Scrub oily concrete with brush and Concrete Degreaser. Area to be treated must be clean, porous and sound.

2. Use only the amount of cleaners necessary to remove contaminates, oils, fluids and sealers from the substrate. If using acidic cleaners to etch surface or to remove efflorescence, calcium, rust, etc, be sure to neutralize and restore pH with Balance Neutralizer. Rinse thoroughly! Surface and pores must be clean, dry and free of all chemicals before applying Atomic Base-Coat.

3. Interior Floors MUST be profiled prior to application. Diamond grind floors to between 50 - 100 grit. Be sure to remove all swirl marks, but do not grind finer than 100 grit. Beyond 100 grit, sealer adhesion will be compromised.

4. Allow area to dry completely.



Application Instructions


WARNING: Atomic Base-Coat is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE! Do not smoke! Turn off all portable heaters and gas pilot lights. Extinguish all open flames prior to use! Avoid sparks!

Before application, always test product in an inconspicuous area to ensure color, appearance and compatibility are acceptable. Concrete should be fully cured for 28 days before applying Atomic Base-Coat.


1. Spray first coat of Atomic Base-Coat over surface with our Swissmex Acetone Sprayer. Apply evenly at a rate of approximately 400-450 sq. ft. / gallon depending on surface porosity.

2. Allow surface to dry for 10 minutes. You are now ready to apply the second coat of Atomic Base-Coat.

3. If only installing Atomic Base-Coat as a clear primer with no color, apply second coat in the same manner as the first coat. This time, applying at approximately 500-600 sq. ft. / gallon. Now, proceed to step 7.

4. If using as a color system, mix desired amount of Kolour Dye with enough Atomic Base-Coat to stain the area. Depending on desired intensity, one bottle of Kolour Dye is typically enough to tint two gallons of Atomic Base-Coat. Always apply to a test area before application to ensure color loading is acceptable!

5. Apply tinted Atomic Base-Coat to floor with a fine cone tip, in a circular motion, to create the look, pattern and color you want.

6. If additional contrasting colors are desired, mix and apply product in same manner as previous coat, waiting 10 minutes between each coat.

7. When coloring/sealing is complete, allow floor to dry for 10-15 minutes. Once the color/sealer is set, buff the floor with a white nylon abrasive floor pad, then remove any dust from the floor.

8. Floor is now ready for application of Atomic Top-Coat. See separate application instructions for Atomic Top-Coat.



Of course, having the right tools will make your job easier, so scroll to the bottom to see our recommended Sprayers, Rollers and Application Tools!




Once properly applied, surfaces sealed with Atomic Top-Coat will require very little maintenance. The surface may periodically require a light cleaning to remove dirt, dust, mud, etc. In most cases, low pressure water or simple mopping is all that is needed for routine cleaning.



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